Behind closed doors unfolds a story of neglect.

An 8 year-old girl lives alone with her mother and dreams of a better life beyond the walls of their small and dingy apartment. Isolated and lonely, the girl’s only friend is her doll, Polly.

From her window she can see other children playing happily in the park and desperately wants her own mum to take her to the swings. But hopes for a normal childhood collide with the reality of her mother’s dark world.

Her mother works nights and sleeps by day, and despite best intentions, struggles to properly care for her daughter. As each day passes the girl is increasingly exposed to the destructive forces in her mother’s life.

When an invitation arrives to a family picnic in the park, it seems like the perfect chance to get out of the apartment and do something with her mum. Her mother promises to take her — but so far life has been a series of broken promises. Maybe this time things will be different.

POLLY AND ME is the story of one little girl who has fallen between the cracks, and reminds us that just because we don’t see her, it doesn’t mean she isn’t there.